Progressive Approved Ssas Pension Services


Who are WealthBuilders?
Kevin Whelan is the founder of WealthBuilders, an economist, author and speaker.

We are a leading expert on SSAS pensions, having helped thousands of property investors access their pensions as a new source of funds for their journey.

We are the leading CPD certified SSAS educator in the UK.

What is a SSAS?

SSAS stands for small self-administered scheme which in essence is a tax-exempt pension fund that can give you access to more capital to purchase more property.

How can SSAS help Property Investors

  • Borrow up to 50% of your SSAS pension for use in your property business

  • Buy and develop property and land

  • Buy commercial property and convert

  • A SSAS can have many members, joining forces with others gives more buying power

  • Use crowdfunding to diversify your property investments

  • Lend money to other property professionals

  • Get tax relief on contributions to shelter profits

  • Build a trust fund for your family completely free of inheritance tax