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Progressive have property training programmes in multimedia for every type of investor, at every stage of the investing journey, for every personality type, in your preferred delivery style.
Whether you’re a beginner who likes full immersion courses and hand holding support, or an advanced, self motivated investor who wants easily consumable knowledge to crack on and take action, Progressive delivers immersion courses, accountability programmes, CD’s, DVD’s, Apps & innovation, networking events; even the UK’s largest SuperConferences. 

Property Courses & Upcoming Events

Multiple Streams of Property Income

Multiple Streams of Property Income – Start Your Own Property Empire

msopi-update-course-iconGain financial security from property – plus spectacular levels of wealth. This intensive, fun, and immeasurably rewarding 3-day course has helped tens of thousands of investors take steps towards financial freedom.
The UK’s brightest property investment experts will offer you in-depth, practical knowledge of buy-to-let properties, property trading, raising finance and how to build a mighty portfolio from the ground up.

You’ll network with fellow entrepreneurs who share your dreams of owning more property, and discover all you need to know to gain financial security from property investment – not to mention spectacular levels of wealth.

The Multiple Streams of Property Income event is for anyone seeking a path into property ownership – regardless of whether you are simply trying to pull together a deposit to buy your next home, or you are a full-time property investor hungry to source the below-market-value property deals that will propel your income to the highest levels.

 26th – 28th April, Peterborough – Book Now

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Beginners Property Secrets

Beginners Property Secrets – grill the UK’s top property investors!

beginners-propertyLearn the basics of buy-to-let, buy-to-sell (flipping), and joint ventures

This intimate Q&A with the UK’s top property trainers and investors is the ideal solution for anyone wishing to get a firmer grasp on how the experts make money from property. At the heart of Progressive Property, in the training academy of our Peterborough offices, you’ll pick the brains of the investors who spend their lives making money from the buy-to-let boom – and who are eager to teach you the tried, tested and 100% proven investing systems that have brought them success.

  1st April, Peterborough  – Book Now

  9th April, Peterborough  – Book Now

Serviced Accommodation

Serviced Accommodation – make hundreds of percent more monthly cashflow

serviced-accommodation-progressive-propertyThe most secure and profitable ways to let via serviced accommodation

It’s the property letting strategy that is making traditional investors hundreds of percent more cashflow, every month! This course – the first ever serviced accommodation course in England – will teach you the most secure and profitable ways to let via serviced accommodation, reassuring you about the apparent risks of voids or occupancy rates, and introducing you to the powerful secrets of serviced accommodation that require no more of your time than traditional single occupancy letting.

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Progressive Property Masterclass


Progressive Property Masterclass 



This is the UK’s flagship property investment training programme, and has already changed countless entrepreneur’s lives for the better. It has been designed to teach YOU how to make the move from small-time investor to knowledgeable property professional.

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HMO Pro Intensive – learn everything you need to build a professional HMO business

HMO Pro Intensive is a 2-day course of advanced training designed to reveal how to build a professional HMO business, and is packed with the proven systems we use ourselves to build our own highly lucrative businesses. By investing in this career-changing course, you will receive all the blueprints, checklists and legal contracts needed to set up your HMO business, as well as the professional direction to create your bespoke business plan and deliver the income you want. Uniquely; with I year’s full follow up support & Community membership for FREE.

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The Progressive Property VIP Programme

VIP Programme – build a lucrative property portfolio, gain financial freedom

Creating financially-free property millionaires in the world’s most elite investor community.

12 Month Accountability Programme – By Application only & strictly limited availability – There are over 300 active members in the progressive VIP community who’ve bought a combined portfolio of over £400,000,000. Yes, thats £400Million.

This ultra-exclusive programme bridges the gap between property investment training and implementation, enabling you to turn your property knowledge into a stable, sustainable, profitable portfolio. When you join the VIP programme, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs who, like you, are seeking the support, motivation and personalised training to make your plans for property assets and passive income a reality.

It’s now the largest UK mastermind of active professional property investors of all levels, there to help you build your portfolio and reach your cash flow goals in a supportive and empowering community.

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Deal Packaging

Deal packaging – money-making strategies without mortgages, loan or debt

Create immediate cash flow in addition to your longer-term asset-building strategy. Make £3K – £8K per Month as a Property ‘Deal Packager + Trader’.  This course reveals how to make cash in your spare time and replace your income by monetising almost every deal – especially those you don’t want to keep for yourself!  It is THE Property Cashflow course in the UK: This course will help you turn your deals into cash (even the deals you don’t want for yourself) and help YOU with more immediate Cashflow.

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Commercial Conversion Masterclass

Commercial Conversion Masterclass – gain smart, in-depth planning knowledge


By the end of this 2-day property developing master course, you will clearly understand the key elements of both small- and large-scale conversions, and have attained an in-depth knowledge of the planning process. This educational event offers advanced information on how to make property development deals, and offers you the chance to discuss with the experts how to become a full-time property developer. 

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Estate Agents’ Secrets

Make spectacular savings on BMV property deals

Use powers of influence to attain property deals at 28-52% BMV

This unmissable 2-day intensive learning experience will teach you the subtle, ethical ways to use your powers of influence to attain property deals at 28-52% below market value.

While many property investors have floundered in the recession and struggled following the crash, obtaining deals through estate agents has never been easier – but only for the informed minority. The knowledge you will uncover during the Estate Agents Secrets Course will likely change your views on sourcing properties and negotiating deals for the rest of your professional life.

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Buy to Sell Bootcamp

Buy to Sell Bootcamp – learn a game-changing buy-to-sell income strategy  

Discover how to locate and identify deals and dodge the pitfalls

This 2-day course sees the UK’s two most knowledgeable experts in the “big lump sum” profit strategy revealing the many systems, tactics and moves they use themselves to master the buy-to-sell process from start to endgame.

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Joint Venture Secrets

 Joint Venture Secrets – learn, network and forge lucrative partnerships

The most rounded, informative two-day session on joint ventures currently available

Many property investment teachers who are working in today’s market were taught by Progressive Property during our powerful mentoring and training sessions covering how to achieve successful joint ventures.

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No Money Down

No Money Down – attract the right partners to create life-changing income

 Attract a huge choice of investment partners and joint venture finance. Grow your portfolio, using other people’s money! Does that sound unlikely, or even crazy? 

Think again. 

At Progressive Property’s No Money Down course, you’ll discover how the super-rich make a fortune from property they control but don’t own, and learn how to forge explosively successful JV partnerships. The knowledge you’ll be taught at this event will include creative and sustainable money-making systems, alongside rock-solid negotiation techniques to help you carve out the deals that will work best for you.

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