Deal Packaging Masterclass Course - Progressive Property

Deal Packaging Masterclass

Money Making Strategies Without Mortgages, Loans or Debt

Monetising 'Reject' Deals You Don’t Keep in Your Portfolio

CPD Certified Property Course

This course reveals how to make cash in your spare time and replace your income by monetising almost every deal - especially those you don't want to keep for yourself!


The strategies you'll learn at this course don't require mortgages, loans or debt at all. This course is a step-by-step guide to finding investors, making deals irresistible to investors through "magnetic marketing packs", negotiating, tying up deals legally and completing the deals.

You can package and sell deals using just a mobile phone and computer – you could literally trade deals from the beach if you wanted to!

If you're already a busy property investor, or working a full-time job and wanting to get into property then Deal Packaging Masterclass course is for you!

Spaces are limited, don't miss out!


The average number of properties sold per month is 118,003


The average UK property is estimated to be worth £249,127


The estimated increase in the value of housing stock in England since 2010 is £1trillion

Benefits of Attending this Essential Deal Packaging Course

When you join us you will discover:

  • 11 ways to package almost any deal for positive cash flow
  • How to monetise almost every deal from 30% BMV to negative equity, and where to find the right investor for the right deal
  • How to create more immediate cash flow in addition to your longer-term asset-building strategy
  • How to make £3,000 to £8,000 cash flow per month as a property “Deal Packager”
  • How to Monetise almost Every Deal: From 30% BMV Discounts to Negative Equity: & where to Find Each ‘Level’ of Investor ‘
  • You will also have full access to progressive trainers for support for 1 year per month from properties you don't own

Deal Packaging Masterclass

Deal Packaging is a business that introduces investors to property deals. You find a deal, and an investor, and you take a fee.

The trick to it is that it's quick and easy when you have a proven system, checklists and examples to work from. And that is the big our deal packaging experts & trainers can give you!

This seminar is perfect for beginner and experienced investors alike who want to discover hands-down the fastest way to turn your time spent on property into cash in the bank! Deal Packaging can make you a full time income more than double the national average salary from just a couple of hours work per week... without buying a house!



Liz Debenham

Thank you David Siegler and Dan Buchan for a great weekend on the Deal Packaging Masterclass. Awesome!

Jessie Marsh

Excellent day mentoring on the Deal Packaging Mastermind, even got a name place so I don't forget where to sit! Fantastic results from some of the mentees today, also great to meet some newbies and offer my guidance and support...

Nigel Moysey

Great day at the Deal Packaging Mastermind today. Great content throughout the day. The roundtable session just goes to show how different people are, but also what everyone can accomplish in only a few months, with the right mentoring and accountability.

Bob Wilson

Just returned from the Deal Packaging Mastermind in Peterborough. Great content shared with other like minded people looking to make a real difference to people’s lives. Thank you Jamie York, David Siegler and Kevin McDonnell 👍