HMO Pro Course - Progressive Property

Learn Everything You Need to Build a Professional HMO Business.

CPD Certified Property Course

This is a 2-day course of advanced training designed to reveal how to build a professional HMO business and is packed with the proven systems we use ourselves to build our own highly lucrative businesses.

Discover how tens of thousands of ordinary Brits are quietly getting rich with minimum investment!

By investing in this career-changing course, you will receive the blueprints, checklists and legal contracts needed to set up your HMO business.

Attain the professional direction to create your bespoke business plan and deliver the income you want. Uniquely; with one year's full follow up support and community membership for free.

If you want to discover more on how to maximise your profits from HMO investments and Rent2Rent , and get all the advanced tools needed to build a legal, profitable and scalable HMO business, come and join us at our HMO Pro course.


Spaces are limited, don't miss out!


On average, each landlord owns 1.8 rental properties, making the total number of private homes rented out 4.49 million – with the number rising every year for the past five years


HMOs have consistently outperformed both vanilla buy-to-lets and blocks of flats owned on a single freehold title yielding an average of 10% per annum compared to 6% and 7% respectively


The average income of an HMO tenant

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When you join us you will discover:

  • Multiply your monthly cashflow with the specific action steps taught in the UK's only 5 in 1 intensive HMO cashflow training
  • 5 instant cashflow HMO models revealed and detailed: 'Boutique', 'Blue Collar', 'Post-Grad', 'Student' and 'LHA/DSS'
  • The method of recycling all your capital to get your HMOs for FREE that no one wants you to know about...
  • The roadblocks on the path to financial freedom through HMOS - and how to avoid them
  • Our lessons learned, case studies from over the past 12 months, and what we've done wrong so you don't have to repeat the same mistakes
  • Understand how to profit from multiple Low Money Down/No Money Down HMO financing techniques; JV, MLWTS, COmmercial Finance & Options/IC
  • Realistically make between £300-900 per property, per month, NET income after costs
  • Every script, system, checklist, spreadsheet & time saving model Included FREE, to make this an *HMO/Multi-Let Cashflow business in a box*
  • The tips and tricks to furnishing and structuring your HMOS to maximise your room rent and bring down your voids


Jean Bushell

Just spent the weekend in Peterborough with Jamie Madill's HMO Pro training, and it was amazing. I can't recommend it enough if you want to find out how to do HMOs properly and legally. Have come away with a complete library of documents for LLs to systemize their business - priceless for me!

Jenny Fenton

Everyone in the room has identified a deal in their area! Everyone has discovered a whole property & tenancy lifecycle! Everyone has worked though a whole 12 month cashflow forecast! And we ALL have EVERYTHING we need to start a successful HMO business NOW!

Steve Mitchell

We’re nearly done at HMO Pro at Progressive Property. Loads of content and tips from Jamie on Finding,Filling, Funding & Flaunting all things HMO and no money down Rent2Rent. We even found £250K in the room? Check out HMO Pro if you want to make more income from Your HMO.

Steven Wood

Thank you for an excellent course (HMO Pro) over the weekend.


Discover the details behind Houses of Multiple Occupancy from licensing, to funding and finding the right sort of tenant for a House of Multiple Occupancy.

You're often not just a landlord, but also a social worker, a rent collector, a counsellor, a detective and even the local citizens' advice bureau. But the rewards can be big. It’s not as passive as single lets and perhaps only suited to landlords who enjoy working with people (…unless you can leverage a good letting agent). So a few of these compounded and you can perhaps live the life of luxury Rodney?