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Property Tax Masterclass

Especially created for Property Investors

Walk away with the right structure and peace of mind that you will never have to pay a penny more in tax that you rightfully have to.

All the strategies shared are tailored to different property strategies.

New content from September 2019 onwards with latest strategies.

Grumbling about taxes is something you shouldn't be entitled to do if you turn your back on a real opportunity to do something about it.

Don't let this happen to you! In this economy, every pound makes a difference. You just cannot afford to waste money.

The content is based on real savings achieved for property investors by Shaz over the past 17 years. Shaz is a property investor himself and he will share with you his techniques both about making money from property and being as tax efficient as possible.

Every second person comes half price, sales will deal with payment plans on a case by case basis, all courses are tax deductible through their business.

If you really want to progress your property management success, you'll want to get better organised, boost cashflow, and minimise taxes.

Our trainers at Tax Masterclass will help to learn unique tax reduction strategies that potentially will save you thousands of pounds.

Tax Masterclass

Spaces are limited, don't miss out!


40% of borrowers plan to set up a company to counteract the increasing tax burden for individual landlords

1 in 7

1 in 7 plan to use their spouse’s personal allowance


Uk government raises over £750billion a year in receipts - income from taxes and other sources - equivalent to around 36% of GDP

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When you join us you will discover:

  • The best structure for your property business
  • The benefits of incorporating your property portfolio to escape section 24 mortgage interest relief changes
  • Capital Allowances and how they work for property investors
  • How to use the right tax strategy which complements your property investing strategy so that you maximise your profits by paying less tax
  • The benefits of incorporating your property portfolio to escape section 24 mortgage interest relief changes
  • How to claim back VAT on conversions and how to avoid it on new builds (on professional fees, etc)
  • Tax busting strategies for commercial conversions
  • Tax on Serviced Accommodation and how to avoid falling foul of the tax rules
  • Trust and how to make them work for you so that you avoid Inheritance Tax
  • How to use Xero to systemise your book-keeping and management reporting
  • Capital Allowances – a full breakdown so that you maximise your claims
  • A sound understanding of Stamp Duty Land Tax and Multiple Dwellings Relief
  • How to extract money in a tax-efficient way


Linda O'Rourke

What Shaz Nawaz doesn’t know about tax isn't worth knowing. Awesome man

Michael Clay

What an awesome Tax Masterclass course today, just an absolute ton of content, information and guidance, so much money going to be saved.. So much money lost from not doing it sooner! My hand still aches from writing it all down so fast!

Steven Daniels

I recently had a great 2 Day course with an excellent AA Accountant. As per normal with Progressive Property courses it’s full of so much information it was great to be told of so many ways to gain Relief after Relief after Relief. If you want to be Allowed to return some Capital to you, to learn about Multiple Dwellings Relief and so many more. I could recommend no better course than that of the A A Accountant.

Anil Devalia

I attended the Tax Discovery day today, presented by Shaz Nawaz. I have always enjoyed tax as a topic, but I like/love it a little more after today. I walked away with a few golden nuggets, such as, how to structure your companies with the use of a group company, the advantage of trading vs investment companies and the pros of setting up as a sole trader to counter the Benefit In Kind taxes often encountered in Limited companies. Thanks again to Progressive and team!

Tax Masterclass

There are numerous tax reduction strategies perfect for property investors that you probably don't know about and your accountant probably won't tell you about either.

There's no smoke and mirrors when we're involved, our honest guidance will enable you to harness your finances and improve your business for the better.

Without this information, you, your property business and your family will be continuously and perpetually targeted by merciless tax system.