About Rob Moore

Rob Moore

Rob’s mantra – “If you don’t risk anything, you risk everything”

Rob is a self-made property investor, businessman/entrepreneur, podcaster and public speaker, co-owning the Progressive group with Mark. In 2005 he was struggling to make ends meet as an artist. He built up debt of over £50,000 since leaving University, and had become frustrated and reclusive, lacking direction, passion and building up debt.

Rob had a painful, life changing event on December 15th 2005 that completely changed his life, that he shares at his events. Once week later and Rob met Mark at a local property meeting in Peterborough, the very start of a near 15 year relationship.

Fast forward to now just a few short years later and Rob has one of the UK’s most successful podcasts, the “Disruptive Entrepreneur”, listened to in 192 countries, and is a multiple best-selling author, published by Hachette. Rob broke 3 Guinness world records for longest speech marathons, and is a highly sought after keynote speaker.

Rob featured on prime time TV shows for Living as a Mentor, and is regularly featured in the mainstream media such as Channel 4, the BBC, The Independent and The Business Channel. Rob is mentor to many high profile, wealthy and celebrity clients in property and business.

Rob especially likes helping young and aspiring entrepreneurs, and has the Rob Moore foundation to help young and underprivileged people across the globe get better financial education to start and scale their enterprises. His profits of his book “Money” go to the foundation.

Of course Rob is also an active property investor, though thanks to his partnership with Mark and the passive income property provides, he is able to follow his other passions. Rob is a qualified pilot, is active on social media in his communities, enjoys golf with his son but mostly his passion is his profession.

Chalk & Cheese

As you will discover, Rob & Mark are two very different people. Rob has the personality and commitment to action, he’s quoted as inspirational, controversial and motivating, and Mark has the spreadsheets and the brains!

They are self professed property and business addicts, have similar interests such as racing their sports cars [often with each other], flying the Helicopter, reading and continually learning, and spending time with friends, family and inspirational people.

It is this combination that the property industry has recognised has made them successful in their partnership, through the growing and falling property markets where others have struggled.