3 DAY EVENT - Friday 8th March - Sunday 10th March

Multiple Streams of Property Income

The UK’s Biggest Property Experts Will Share In-Depth, Practical Knowledge Of How To Build A Mighty Portfolio From The Ground Up LIVE In Our Training Academy In Peterborough.

Property Investment Education,
Mentorship & Community

Progressive Property is a UK-based property investment education and property development company founded in January 2007 by Rob Moore and Mark Homer. We are dedicated to helping both new and professional investors build up their property portfolios, via a vast array of multimedia, events and face-to-face strategies. We have books, online courses, an internationally-renowned podcast, local and national property networking events, where attendees hear directly from the UK's leading property investors and entrepreneurs. There is something for everyone at Progressive.

We Are

We are Progressive by name and progressive by nature. The current situation we find ourselves in is evolving rapidly, and we find it’s our duty to keep up to date to pass the best knowledge and insight onto you.

We have made several measures to ensure not only is your safety at the heart of everything we do, but to ensure your ongoing success .

We believe that now is the perfect time to get into property. It is in times of recession when most millionaires are made. Because of this we are not slowing down, but picking up speed, giving you more than we ever have before.

Life and Income
Changing Training Events

Progressive teach and share step-by-step education, mentoring and community to help you invest successfully in property for equity, growth and income. We give you education and inspiration, and with a little perspiration you can take your investing and income to the next level, be that part time, full time or big time.

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Life Changing Income Is Just A Click Away

Virtual Events & Online Courses

Online and virtual events: As well as in person events, we have created a new timetable of webclasses/webinars and online course for you to learn as much as you like, all from the comfort of your own home.

Life Changing Income Is Just A Click Away


In-Person Events: We are primarily an in-person event focused training company, as we believe the best possible way for you to get the most out of our events and training is being in the room with others.

We have started to host live events again and absolutely everything is in place to keep you safe while learning to be a successful property investor.

Progressive Books

We have multiple best-selling property books that cover a wide range of topics in property. No matter which strategy you want to use (or want to discover) we have something for you.

Progressive Property

Progressive property blogs promote socially responsible and sustainable real estate investing. We cover topics such as ethical investing, community development, and green building practices, while also discussing political and economic factors affecting the market. These blogs provide valuable resources and practical advice for investors looking to align their financial goals with their personal values.

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