What’s going to happen in the UK property market in 2024? Learn from the UK’s top property investor, Mark Homer about property prices, rent rises & regulations.

Who Is Mark Homer?

Mark Homer has been an investor and entrepreneur since the age of 16.

He has bought over 600 properties (and counting) for himself, his business partner Rob Moore and his investors.

Mark has raised £25 million in JV finance since being in property and is a multiple bestselling author.

He is an expert in all things commercial property, especially Commercial Conversions and in 2021 completed a 126,000 sqft rental properties project with 99% occupancy, generating over £1.3 million a year in rent.

Mark has a keen interest in finance investment, compounding growth and finding property deals. He is constantly developing and refining investment strategies designed to outperform the masses and create increased, sustainable, blended returns whilst controlling risk.

Mark’s trademarked Deal Analyser is used by 10,000’s of investors and is becoming the industry standard investment tool.

How Did Mark Get Started In Property?

In 2005, Mark was stuck in a regular job trying to break free.

After years of working hard, and not giving up, he finally met his business partner Rob Moore, and together their property investments business exploded.

He put in the work, used multiple property investing strategies and created a portfolio of 20 properties. He was set for life.

But after looking beyond himself, he saw others who were doing so much more - and he realised he could too.

He invested in himself and started getting coached by a mentor who highlighted that he needed to change how he bought investment properties, otherwise his property business could come crashing down.

He learned HUGELY valuable lessons that day and it changed his property investing strategies forever.

Fast forward to now and he owns HUNDREDS of properties, is the Co-Founder of the UK’s top property investing education company (with the best property investment courses) and has completed his biggest commercial conversion project to date with 99% occupancy and a GDV of over £20 million.

Mark has ALWAYS believed that you better yourself and improve your personal/professional development by getting educated and mentored by people who are more successful and further ahead than you.

Why Should You Listen To Mark Homer?

Mark Homer is one of the UK’s top property investors. Experienced, knowledgeable, wise and somewhat of a financial and investing genius.

Mark is cautious, his investment strategies are always well thought out and planned meticulously, and he shares these insights with his delegates EVERY TIME - everything you could want in a trainer, mentor or business partner.

Private mentorship from Mark Homer costs over £40,000, so when you get the chance to learn from Mark, you never pass up that opportunity.

Keep reading to see Mark’s predictions for 2024 and how you could profit big this year.

Understanding the 2023 UK Property Market

Reflecting on 2023, we thought that the UK property market would have normalised after the pandemic.

However, the year brought significant inflation, rent rises, and a decline in property capital values. This backdrop sets the stage for 2024, where understanding these trends is vital for every investor's toolkit.

Mark’s first prediction concerns property prices.

By the end of 2024, he foresees a stabilisation in the market, after an estimated fall in property prices of around 15 to 20 percent from their peak in early 2022.

National statistics don’t show this number, but when offering or bidding on properties you’ll probably be able to buy them in most areas 15-20% cheaper than you could in early 2022.

This forecast is not just a surface-level observation but a deep insight into the buying patterns and UK property market dynamics that will influence property investment decisions.

Rents have been on an upward trajectory, a trend Mark predicts will persist through 2024.

The rental property price increases from 2016 onwards, almost doubling in some areas, signify a changing landscape for both landlords and tenants.

This trend is an essential consideration for your property investment strategy, whether you're expanding your portfolio or stepping into the property market for the first time.

Prediction 3: Changes in the Landlord Sector

The landlord sector is set for significant changes, particularly with the Renters Reform Bill and the anticipated repeal of Section 21.

This shift could mean a more stable environment for landlords, potentially leading to fewer exits from the market.

Understanding these legislative changes is crucial for landlords to adapt and thrive in the evolving property landscape.

Prediction 4: HMO Regulations and Council Tax Adjustments

Changes in HMO room banding rules and council tax adjustments are on the horizon.

Campaigns like those led by Wendy Whittaker-Large are poised to bring about positive reforms.

These changes could alleviate financial pressures on landlords and impact rental pricing structures, making HMO investments more attractive

Prediction 5: Property Conversion Opportunities

2024 might usher in new opportunities for property conversion.

The anticipated government consultation on converting houses into flats could open up lucrative avenues for property developers.

This development is particularly exciting for high-value areas, where such conversions can significantly increase property value.

Prediction 6: EPC Ratings and Property Viability

The government's stance on Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) ratings suggests a more lenient approach, making properties with an E rating or better viable for rentals.

This change could revive interest in properties previously deemed less attractive due to EPC ratings, offering new opportunities for investors.

Leveraging These Predictions for Property Investment

Armed with these predictions, you can strategically position yourself to capitalise on emerging opportunities and mitigate risks in the UK property market in 2024.

From acquiring undervalued properties to optimising rental incomes, understanding these trends can give you a competitive edge in the market.

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