In-Person Property Networking Events & Courses

Join our property networking events and training courses for property education, networking, and partnership opportunities in person.

Choose from various property courses and investment strategies. Different types of investing options are available. These options include Buy-to-Let, No Money Down, Serviced Accommodation, Deal Packaging, Commercial Property, and more.

Attend our events, from small discovery days to large-scale property events with numerous investors eager to learn.

Regardless of where you are in your property journey, you'll meet like-minded individuals with the same goal of success in property investment.

Experience three life-changing days of property education at our flagship Multiple Streams of Property Income event.

Listen to the top property investors and experts in the UK. They specialise in buy-to-let, raising finance, finding deals, serviced accommodation, deal packaging, and commercial property development.

This intensive and rewarding course is the ultimate property networking event. It has been the starting point for tens of thousands of investors in achieving financial freedom through creative property investment.

Learn how to generate life-changing income through property investing using none of your own money.

Our No Money Down Matrix offers proven investment strategies to help you build your property portfolio without using your own money.

Join us to learn the four core investing principles needed to secure the perfect deal that creates a long-term cash-flowing asset. AND, meet potential joint-venture (JV) partners at this essential property networking event.

Profit from property with minimal risk.

At our exclusive Deal Packaging Discovery Day, our property experts will teach you how to find, source, secure, and package consistent property deals for hungry investors that you can sell for THOUSANDS.

Discover how to make cash in your spare time and replace your income by monetising every deal.

This event is also one of our most active property networking events, offering you the chance to learn from real, professional investors and learn their step-by-step system for sourcing below-market-value property deals.

Discover the game-changing property strategy taking the UK by storm.

Come to our Serviced Accommodation Discovery Day to learn how to make the most money in property using sites like Airbnb and We will show you our step-by-step system for success.

No deposit? Low credit score? No mortgage? No problem! Get started with no money using our Rent-to-Serviced-Accommodation strategy.

Learn how to start, grow, and scale your own cash-flowing Serviced Accommodation business within weeks (some of our students see bookings within days!).

Join this property networking event and course to learn from expert investors using Serviced Accommodation strategies to expand their portfolios and dominate the current property market.

Commercial Property

Turn old commercial buildings such as factories, offices, shops, warehouses, pubs and more, into residential goldmines.

Learn how to make 6-figures from one property deal!

With the critical UK housing shortage, demand for residential properties has never been higher - now you can learn how to help and make huge profits along the way.

Get taught the key elements of both small and and large scale conversions and get introductory knowledge of the planning process. Learn from experts of one of the UK’s leading commercial to residential property investment specialists.

Attend the UK’s industry-leading property networking events near you, filled with property professionals delivering inspiring keynote speeches on various property investment strategies, ever-changing legislation, joint venture partnerships, and more, every single month.

Progressive Property Network events are held nationwide, providing local property-focused networking meetings and bringing you the UK’s best property investment education to your area.