The best proof of your success as an investor, JV partner or an investor worthy of lending are ‘the deals you’ve done & the person you’ve become’

This article is about property joint venture success.

When you’re new you can only rely on one, but you can start the other now

Immediately after you’ve read this go online and buy an A4 size (faux) leather ‘portfolio’ with a 3 side zip, side handles and clear page wallets inside

And every deal you do (or you’ve done) store the following in this portfolio:

1. Before & after pictures

2. Completion statements

3. Bank statement of cash movement

4. Comparable showing discount/yield

5. One page top line vitals summary

6. Title deed photocopy

Keep it in your briefcase with you at all times. Take it to networking events, bank meetings, charity balls.

Anytime anyone asks you for some proof, examples, or what you do, (only when prompted), elegantly, accidentally, you just happen to have your ‘folio with you (you think; ah yes, there it is).

You keep it for your own records, of course.

Aside from who you are, security and proof are the 2 biggest check boxes that need ticking.

“No one likes to be sold to but everyone likes to buy”

This ‘folio will become your greatest ‘salesman’ & your English cultural elegance can stay in tact while you sit back, hold your saucer under your chin, sip your tea & let the power of undeniable proof bring you money, deals & partners

Be Your Own Bank is an 8 CD audio programme that will show you 21 different places to meet multi millionaire investors who are looking to invest in your property projects and also 12 different ways to structure your JV agreements. On top of this you also receive a free ticket to a Joint Venture Consultation Day.