Watch property investor and Progressive Property trainer, Kevin Poneskis, give you the full insider details of how he started with £0 and has gone on to build a multi-million pound property portfolio.Kevin Poneskis started his property investing journey over 30 years ago.

He started with standard single lets, then HMOs before moving onto Serviced Accommodation.

Kevin wasn’t always a property expert, he used to be an Army Commando – Regimental Sergeant Major with the British Army.

His work life was hectic as he served in the Balkans conflict in Bosnia and Kosovo and did 2 tours of Afghanistan.

Before getting trained in property, Kevin’s portfolio was losing him money and also making him feel trapped in his job.

His Dad told him to invest in property when he was a young soldier, which was good advice but unfortunately he didn’t tell Kevin how to do it correctly which resulted in him making LOTS of mistakes.

Once Kevin knew there was such a thing as Property Investment education he researched and found Progressive Property in 2013. A couple of years later he started teaching property investing with Progressive and it is now an honour and a privilege to help people ‘sack the boss’ just like he did all those years ago. 

Since leaving the Army on 11/11/11, Kevin is a full time property investor, with 60 properties and a monthly cashflow of £30K-50K.

So what property strategy has allowed him to do this – Serviced Accommodation.

What is Serviced Accommodation?

Similarly to a hotel, the idea is to take a flat or house and instead charge by the night, week or month. 

Airbnb and are both well known Serviced Accommodation reservation websites.

Unlinke with hotels, people prefer the home from home experience Serviced Accommodation provides. We want the amenities and comfort of home living instead of sterile, impersonal hotel rooms.

They offer more space than a hotel room. Providing travellers with different areas to work, live and relax in, instead of being cooped up in one room.

It provides people with extra, homely amenities that hotel rooms don’t have.

Long term, it’s cost effective. Serviced Accommodation with the same standards, high quality interiors and amenities as hotels are cheaper than staying in a hotel for long term bookings – perfect for those businesses with tighter budgets.

Staycation Boom

Due to the pandemic and travel restrictions in 2020 staycation bookings went through the roof with Serviced Accommodation owners making HUGE profits.

Then 2021 and 2022 were more BOOMING years for Serviced Accommodation owners.

Hosts for sites such as Airbnb are cashing in on the staycation boom. UK Hosts on Airbnb collectively earned more than £1.5 billion last year – £668 million of which was over the summer months. reported that Airbnb hosts were earning up to 300% more during major events and peak holiday seasons in 2021 and it doesn’t look like it’s stopping any time soon.

After touting 2021 as “the best year in Airbnb’s history, including a fourth quarter record for revenue and net profit, CEO Brian Chesky said the biggest opportunity in recruiting hosts in 2022 will be to continue to focus on signing up individual hosts.

Airbnb needs hosts, the huge demand outweighs supply and you can reap the profits.

The opportunity to cash-in on this boom is real and present, and it’s time to act now!

Even though travel restrictions have eased across the world and people are feeling more confident about going abroad, UK Serviced Accommodation owners had another busy year.

Sykes Holiday Cottages reported in February that there’s been a 158% rise in bookings compared to this time in 2021.

And, according to the firm’s CEO, Graham Donoghue, a survey of 1,000 holidaymakers has said that 55% of them will continue with UK breaks this year.

He goes on to say, “Bookings for our holiday lets this year are through the roof, showing that the staycation boom is here to stay. With the trend for staycations going nowhere, the attractiveness of holiday letting as an investment opportunity continues to go from strength to strength. We’ve witnessed a strong pipeline of enquiries in recent months from those new to holiday letting or wanting to rent out a second home as many look to reap the financial rewards on offer.”

It looks like there has been a significant change in mindset as more than half of Brits plan to holiday on home turf rather than abroad in 2022. 

This continues to be amazing news for Serviced Accommodation owners across the UK. They have enjoyed the staycation BOOM thanks to the uncertainties of international travel over the last couple of years and it looks like it’s continuing for the foreseeable future.

Serviced Accommodation is the HOTTEST property investing strategy and savvy property investors are cashing in on it now.

Rent To Serviced Accommodation

There are more ways to acquire Serviced Accommodation properties other than simply to buy them.

With Rent to Serviced Accommodation you rent a property from a landlord or letting agent using an appropriate agreement and then YOU manage and advertise it as Serviced Accommodation and reap the profits.

It couldn’t be simpler.

This property strategy lets you earn 5X the cashflow in HALF the time of standard single-let properties. It has LOW start up costs and you can set up quickly to get earning right away. 

You can get started in Rent to Serviced Accommodation with no hefty deposits, no need for a mortgage and even with a bad credit score.

Why people get started in R2SA:

  • You can make an average of 500% MORE profit than with standard single-let properties.
  • It’s the HIGHEST property investing cashflow strategy available today. 
  • NO HUGE DEPOSIT REQUIRED like when you buy a property. You don’t need to make a large investment in a property, meaning you have really low set up costs.
  • FAST setup time. Avoid the traditional property acquisition time which can sometimes take up to 6 months, or even years. 
  • NO MORTGAGE. Since you’re not buying a property you don’t need to be approved for a mortgage and therefore don’t need to worry if you have a bad credit score.
  • Staycation BOOM. You haven’t missed the boat. Now is THE time to implement this strategy and take advantage of the HUGE amount of UK holiday bookings.
  • You can achieve your financial goals in MONTHS instead of years, unlike other property strategies.
  • NO nightmare tenants who will trash the property and avoid paying rent.

If you’re just starting out on your property investing journey OR you’re looking for a strategy to generate MASSIVE cashflow to help build your portfolio, then R2SA is for you. 

Next Steps

With both Serviced Accommodation and Rent to Serviced Accommodation you can gain HUGE profits from this property strategy, but only if you know how to do it correctly. 

There are many pitfalls, challenges and cash drains if you get it wrong, do it in the wrong area or take on the wrong type of bookings. Getting an education first is VITAL.

As one of Progressive Property’s expert trainers I’ve helped hundreds of delegates achieve their financial goals in months instead of years using this strategy. 

That’s why I want to invite you to join me on my upcoming Serviced Accommodation Discovery Day.

You will discover:

  • The simple 5 Step System to set up YOUR fully leveraged and outsourced SA Business
  • How to source SA deals direct to Landlords via online portals like Gumtree, OpenRent etc.
  • What type of property works as SA?
  • How one delegate sourced 11 R2SA properties within a year of doing the training by texting landlords who were advertising their properties to rent on Gumtree 
  • How to make HUGE profits from property you already own or buy for SA
  • Discover all the different Acquisition methods – from R2SA to commercial conversion into SA


  • How to find suitable Guest Houses/B&Bs 
  • What type of property works best
  • What alterations need to be done
  • How to raise funding to do it
  • How to get all of your money back out of the deal

Spaces are limited and filling up fast.

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