Worse Housing Crisis In 147 Years

We are in the worst housing crisis in 147 years.

This might seem like a strange thing to say since house prices are still so high at the moment, but that is one of the biggest problems.

Right now, according to the Office for National Statistics the average home in the UK costs 9.1X the average income.

There have been times where mortgages look for 4-5 times your income before giving you a mortgage, yet now houses cost 9.1X the average income.

House prices have been going up far quicker than incomes have been going up. When you think about it, it doesn’t really matter what a house is worth, it matters what it’s worth linked to your income.

If a house is 10x your income, it’s really expensive. If it’s 4X your income, it’s obviously more affordable. Not since 1845 have house prices been 9.1X the average income.

But, this is worse because the government isn't helping the housing crisis, the social housing system needs improvement, there’s not a huge amount of land left to build on, the population is increasing at a faster rate than we can keep up with building housing - we have a chronic housing shortage.

When you have an undersupply of houses and a chronic shortage of building, that pushes up prices - low supply equals high prices.

Add to this, interest rates going from 0.1% to 4% and could keep going to 5%, 6% - who knows how high they could go, all of this pushes mortgages up. At this time, house prices are really high, incomes aren’t going up, interest rates are racing up, which means mortgages are more expensive AND they’re harder to get.

What does this storm mean? Low wages. Highest prices. Highest mortgages. Higher interest rates. We think this points to a MASSIVE UK property crash.

Our Co-Founder Rob Moore has 360 rental units and over 1,350 tenants in his portfolio and has been investing in property for over 17 years, and he hasn’t seen anything like this - not even in 2008.

In 2008 there was a correction of on average 16%, but in some local areas as much as 25-30% because of the banking crisis.

Our prediction is that there will be a HUGE property crash, there will be winners and losers from this, but it will create HUGE opportunity.

When prices come down, this means that finally affordability will go up and property prices won’t be 9.1X the average income anymore.

A housing correction is needed in order to accommodate the affordability of the population of the UK.

This is the perfect opportunity for those looking to get on the first time buyer ladder, but it will also be the biggest and best opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs.

Right now yields are low and cashflow is low because prices are so high, interest rates keep going up and mortgage rates are going up with them. All of these factors create a huge peak and bubble that is about to burst.

As property prices are forced to come down, more properties will be sold for cheaper which will create a new price point that others will need to adhere to and this creates a price drop which will lead to a property market crash.

We can already see it happening.

It happened in 2008, it also happened in November 2022 where we saw a 15% drop in 2 months!

When people ask “is the property market going to crash?” Rob’s experience makes him predict that there is more to come and it will be a BIG crash.

We want you to cash in on this crash.

Get on the first time buyer ladder and finally own your own home. But, more importantly get a second, third, fourth, fifth property. Start with some buy-to-lets, become a landlord, create cashflow and build up passive, recurring income.

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The housing market has gone crazy, affordability is ridiculous, a recession is coming and some people think a depression could be coming.

When there’s corrections, recessions, depressions and crashes, there are contrarian investors who WIN BIG!

Most of the best deals Rob Moore and Mark Homer did was in 2008. Most of the properties they bought then were between £35K-£70K, now these same properties are worth between £200K-£250K.

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