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James Caan Property Tips

“James Caan’s seven golden rules of property investment” [As printed in The Daily Telegraph Newspaper] As you know, there is a lot of buzz in the media in the moment about Property. James Cann is someone we respect, if you haven’t read his book yet, “The Real Deal,” then we would go out and buy […]

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Property Books: The Most Comprehensive?

Property Books: How would you even know where to start when thinking about which Property Books to buy Now: Free Property Info That Could Make You £100,000’s And we’re not talking about the do-up-your-house-with-£500-and-make-it-look-fancy here; there are enough of them, and enough about that on TV [and it’s all just eye candy: it doesn’t make you money! […]

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House Price Movements

I thought I would spend a few minutes going through current market data to summarise what is happening in the market at the moment. May’s price data is as usual a mixed bag. Rightmove which provides data on asking prices of property (rather than actual sold prices) shows an increase of 0.4% for the month […]

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Half of BTL Repossessions are New Build Flats!

Recent information from the financial services authority (FSA) suggests that second-hand or non new build flats are a better option for landlords than new build flats. 45% of buy to let property currently being repossessed are new build flats  and apartments, despite them only making up 8% of the housing stock in the UK! At […]

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Worried about interest rates and negative cashflow?

At Progressive we are getting a lot of questions from you regarding interest rate rises and affordability issues. Much of this debate has been sparked by journalists with shock and sensationalist newspaper headlines [as is so often the case]. Here’s how we see it as progressive:From a property acquisition [buying] perspective it actually makes our […]

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