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House Price Movements

I thought I would spend a few minutes going through current market data to summarise what is happening in the market at the moment. May’s price data is as usual a mixed bag. Rightmove which provides data on asking prices of property (rather than actual sold prices) shows an increase of 0.4% for the month […]

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Half of BTL Repossessions are New Build Flats!

Recent information from the financial services authority (FSA) suggests that second-hand or non new build flats are a better option for landlords than new build flats. 45% of buy to let property currently being repossessed are new build flats  and apartments, despite them only making up 8% of the housing stock in the UK! At […]

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Worried about interest rates and negative cashflow?

At Progressive we are getting a lot of questions from you regarding interest rate rises and affordability issues. Much of this debate has been sparked by journalists with shock and sensationalist newspaper headlines [as is so often the case]. Here’s how we see it as progressive:From a property acquisition [buying] perspective it actually makes our […]

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