Whether you want more cash in your life, to completely replace your income or to build a six-figure property business, one of the best ways to do this is through deal sourcing and deal packaging.

What are property deal sourcing and deal packaging?

Deal sourcing is searching for a property deal and negotiating the price investors are willing to spend on it. A good deal source can get up to 25% BMV (below market value) on these sorts of deals. 

Deal packaging is taking that deal and packaging it for investors to purchase from you for a lucrative fee. Deal Packaging is the fastest cash flow strategy you can learn in property. 

It is also about learning to package to the investor. This means that they can buy your deals but also fund your deals so that you can keep 100% of the deal.

Deal packaging is the strategy that compliments every other property strategy so no matter what strategy you’re thinking about doing in property, deal packaging is the skill set you NEED to acquire.

Deal packaging is low risk, can generate HUGE amounts of cash and gets you paid upfront.

deal sourcing

How does deal sourcing work?

Sourcing the property involves finding the ideal location, checking the current property market and prices, potential refurbishment opportunities and how much value can be added to the property.

Why would investors use deal sourcing and deal packaging?

Simple – they’re time-poor.

Investors have a lot of different plates spinning at the same time. So if a reliable, credible deal sourcing and packager come along with a below-market value deal where they will make a good ROI (return on investment) then they are going to snap up that opportunity.

Yes, but in order to stay within the legal guidelines it’s important to become compliant. The property industry is highly regulated to protect everyone involved in property transactions.

Property deal sourcing is under the same category as Estate Agents in terms of governance and has to work to the same rules.

To be compliant you need to:

How do I find property deals?

The best way to find property deals is without a doubt networking. You want the best below-market value property deals that aren’t available to the public yet. Therefore you need to get them before they go on sites such as Rightmove or Zoopla.

To make sure you’re in the know you need to network at different events and make good contacts with people such as estate agents, investors, planning officials, local solicitors and conveyancers.

Another good way to find out about property deals is through other deal sourcers and packagers. Sometimes even though deals are great value, deal sourcers don’t have time to follow up on the lead or it’s too far out of their goldmine area. Therefore, it’s beneficial to know others in this field.

What is a sourcing fee?

This is the fee you charge your investors for finding and packaging their deal. This fee can vary from £3,000-£5,000 and in London, you can charge up to £10,000 for one deal.

It usually only takes one deal per month to replace someone’s income so that they can quit their job and start their property business full-time.

How do I start deal sourcing and deal packaging?

This isn’t a property strategy that you should go out and try to figure out on your own. It’s easy to make costly, timely mistakes that you definitely want to avoid.

You want to learn from the property experts who have been there, done that, made the mistakes and learned the valuable lesson so that you don’t have to.

Visit Progressive Property to learn more

Learn from Progressive Property’s Katy Wilson, our amazing Deal Packaging expert. Before property, Katy worked in the IT industry as a Project Manager for some pretty BIG clients (one of them being The Royal Family).

She was working Monday-Friday, living in Nottingham but working in London, so therefore, staying in hotels all week and living out of a suitcase. It wore thin quite quickly, so she quit.

Katy was interested in getting into property, but after reading all the books, listening to all the podcasts and trying to absorb as much information as possible, she still wasn’t any further forward.

Until she discovered Progressive Property, then everything changed. Progressive Property introduced her to the property strategy where she could raise cash quickly and replace her income – deal packaging.

Katy was able to make a profit from property without needing any money herself to start. It was perfect. Within a year she had done 15 deals and made over £50,000.

In year 2, she continued to grow and DOUBLED that – making £100,000. In 2022 she is forecast to make an unbelievable £320,000 from deal packaging!

Katy has also built a £1.5 million pound property portfolio in under 4 years. So, not only does she have thousands of pounds in cash flow from deal packaging every month, but she has also managed to take that money to buy assets with a property portfolio of over a million pounds!

If Katy can do this, there’s no doubt that you can too.

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Why should you attend our Deal Packaging Discovery Day?

It doesn’t matter whether you are experienced or whether you are brand new to property. You can start today. All you need is a mobile phone and a computer to start packaging and selling deals.

You will get a one-day introduction to:

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  • Simple step-by-step system to package and sell any of your deals for CASH fast
  • Create more immediate cashflow in addition to your longer-term asset-building strategy
  • The most effective start-up techniques for sourcing great property deals and finding investors who are hungry to buy them
  • How you could make £3,000 to £8,000 cashflow per month as a property “Deal Packager”
  • The fastest way to turn your time spent on property into cash in the bank!

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