The decline in water quality has become an issue many have to face now in their everyday life. The impact of poor water quality can have far-reaching implications, as it’s an essential part of day-to-life. One place we may not consider at first is the effect of water quality on property prices. This usually becomes evident when a property owner wishes to sell and realizes the water source might not be up to standard. There are also other aspects that can negatively impact property prices. These they stem from the same concern of water quality.

Property prices and water quality

Water quality is important when evaluating property. Some interested parties want to know the quality of the water source before investing. Testing water is one key factor in determining how contaminated a water source can be. Many studies have found that negative results have impacted property prices. Of course, the issues of not having access to clean drinkable water will reflect on the property, but there are even other situations where this can be worse. Depending on location, homes sometimes have waterfronts and the clarity of that water is also one that may make it undesirable. This usually has more to do with the aesthetic of the water than its safety for use, but it still is taken into consideration.

What affects water quality?

There are a number of issues that can contribute to contaminating water sources of a property. Even water that comes from treatment facilities can be subject to pollution in certain circumstances. For one, old and damaged structural pipelines can permit unwanted substances to seep through on their way to a house. Some areas can be more affected than others in this regard.

A home that benefits from a waterfront can change depending on factors like weather and natural factors outside our control. Heavy rains and flash floods have a tendency to bring in more sedimentary material and make waterfronts murky. Vegetation is another factor that comes into play to reduce water clarity. This can be elements such as leaf decay on the water surface and algae blooms.

Waterfront homes

Water Purification systems

When it comes to drinking water, making sure the water is safe to drink is the first thing to do. For this, the most efficient way to improve water quality and assure drinkable water would mean implementing a water purification system. One of the most compact water cleaning systems comes in the form of a UV water purifier. These cleaning systems are highly efficient at removing pathogenic components, averaging around 99% effectiveness. Choosing the best UV water purifier system can be tricky so its always worth doing your research.

Making sure that water clarity is maintained for the waterfront is a little trickier. Elected officials and local city councillors are usually the best bet when it comes attempting to find a solution. Lobbying for issues like this takes time and on many occasions, it’s essential to bring in the help of the government. This is because some instances that influence water quality in nature at waterfront properties, need to be studied before trying to clear them away.

Some natural phenomena that darken water could clear away on their own and human intervention could potentially damage the water ecosystem. On the other hand, there are situations like harmful algae blooms that result from human use and pollution with fertilizers. In this case, water clarity changes because of nutrients over-accumulating in the water. This is scientifically referred to as eutrophication.  It’s important to assess these matters, finding the cause and potential side effects of intervening.

Economic impact

Investing in any kind of tool to clean water will have a toll on one’s pocket. This can very easily reflect on a property’s price. Dealing with an unsuitable drinking water source comes with a few extra costs that will make themselves known when evaluating the property. For one, testing the water source is something that needs to be done out of pocket in some situations, like with a private well.

If water tests are not passed, and especially if the only drinkable water source is from a well, then that extra cost of securing clean water could possibly be added to the property cost. However, having to regularly check the water quality can be a damper to the property value overall.

Investing in a water filtration system is a costly endeavour. It can either hike up the price of a home or drag it down if it’s too much of an inconvenience because a water filter has to be implemented or because regular maintenance is something that will cost more in the long run.

Potential taxes

Homes that have waterfronts can even have certain taxes imposed for maintaining the water clarity and purity. Increased property prices drive up the prestige of certain areas and can thus present higher prices when these properties go on the market. The recreational opportunity of water views is something that many buyers take into account when on the market for homes. The aesthetic nature of these locations is thus an important factor in their decision-making process.

Investing in community programs that monitor water quality is a reliable way to stay informed. You can also contribute to managing water quality. Taxes that have to do with road maintenance or waste disposal are similar to ones that deal with maintaining the water features of homes.

Water quality depends on regions and what pollutants affect sources from different parts of the world. As such, so too are property prices affected indirectly by water quality and the necessary measure needed to clean or maintain water. It can be a daunting challenge to identify these problems from different regions. Much of this information is usually in the public eye. Alternatively, one can seek the help of government officials to ensure that a purchase matches with amenities available, including water quality.

Our final thoughts on the effect of water quality on property prices

We live in an ever-growing level of pollution that on a grand global scale affects us all. But even on a smaller scale concerning property prices, this can be felt. Drinkable water is something that we need every day so it’s no wonder many of us wish to make sure it’s safe and clean.

Overall, what effect does water quality have on property prices? Depending on your situation the effects can range from negligible to drastic. These include financial implication and even tax costs.

Property prices can be influenced by many different things and water quality is one of them. This can be especially true when homes have water fronts in the form of lakes or shorelines. Besides the obvious beautiful aesthetic, water clarity can be a deal breaker. Certain natural factors like algae bloom seriously affect the water clarity.

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